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Monday, 17 December 2007
Kecanggihan teknologi alam siber tidak boleh disalahgunakan dengan memperdaya orang ramai mahupun melakukan sesuatu yang melanggar undang-undang. Justeru dengan itu, pihak SNP dan Sitizone tidak mahu peminat terpedaya dengan sikap tidak bertanggungjawab sesetengah pengguna internet dengan mewujudkan MYSPACE dan FRIENDSTER Siti Nurhaliza kerana ini adalah satu penipuan.

Secara rasminya pihak kami ingin menjelaskan bahawa Siti Nurhaliza tidak mempunyai MYSPACE dan FRIENDSTER seperti yang wujud di internet. Kami amat berharap agar anda tidak terpedaya.

Kami juga kesal dengan sikap tidak bertanggungjawab laman web seperti dan yang membuat laman muat turun lagu-lagu dari album Siti Nurhaliza. Pihak kami akan mengenalpasti jika masih ada laman web lain yang melakukan perkara yang sama dan warga Sitizone harus membantu. Perkara ini amat dikesali kerana kami berusaha keras menerbitkan sebuah album dan anda semudahnya ‘mencuri’ harta kami. Tindakan undang-undang akan diambil.

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Untuk laman web menggunakan Blogger/Blogspot blogs, selalu ada navigation bar diatas, anda boleh FLAG the blog. Jika ramai SZoners yang FLAG, blog-blog tersebut akan ambil perhatian admin disana dan blog itu akan di adili.

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AFTER more than a decade of involvement in the industry, songstress Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is happy that her fans still accept her the way she is.

“I’m very happy that my fans have been there with me, and given me encouragement and suggestions via my website,

Crimes of fashion: Datuk Siti Nurhaliza’s outfit received coverage in M Star.

“From the site, I have learned what they want to hear on my album and what (they think) I should do next in terms of my singing career.

“Some of them want me to release a new album as soon as possible. That’s how my latest album, Hadiah Daripada Hati, came about,” said Siti during the launch of the album recently.

Pop-driven Hadiah Daripada Hati comprises songs such as Ku Mahu (theme song from drama series Spa Q), Hati (theme song from 1957 – Hati Malaya) and Mulanya Cinta, which was composed by Dick Lee (from P.Ramlee the Musical).

Produced by her own label, Siti Nurhaliza Productions (SNP), Hadiah Daripada Hati is distributed by Suria Records.

On a related matter, columnist Kakak Tua expressed, in no uncertain terms, her disapproval of Siti’s choice of wardrobe for the album launch, lamenting that it was in poor taste.

source: the star online

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Siti hopes her hopes for a child will be fulfilled soon.
Siti hopes her hopes for a child will be fulfilled soon.

Pop queen Siti Nurhaliza’s off on the Haj after launching her new album. SHUIB TAIB finds out what her plans are.

SONGSTRESS Datuk Siti Nurhaliza turns 29 next month. And yesterday she left for Mecca to perform the Haj, something she has wanted to do before turning 30.

She may sport a headscarf on her return but that’s a decision she’ll take when she is back.

“I can’t really say when, though; but when I do, it will not be because of anyone else but because I want to,” said the singer at the launch of her latest album Hadiah Daripada Hati earlier this week.

“I don’t think (wearing the tudung) it will lessen my popularity because my fans accepted me because of my talent first, not my hair or my image.

“Besides, you can still create all kinds of images with the tudung,” said the singer who was once criticised for refusing to take pictures with male celebrities.

(For the record, Siti has been been photographed with male personalities but mostly at awards shows and never for a cover of a magazine).

Siti recently renewed contracts with Pantene (a haircare product) and said the company doesn’t seem to mind although she has made it known to them her intention to cover up.

Of her album, Siti said she chose the title as it is more direct, unlike the previous album Transkripsi which was “tinged with messages”.

Hadiah Daripada Hati is really that (a gift from the heart). Hati (heart) is the most lonely organ but it is the one that whispers hopes, aspirations and dreams to you.

“I wasn’t sure if it would be on par with Transkrispi (which won Best Album at the last Anugerah Industri Muzik) but once it was mastered, I thought it sounded quite good.”

The album contains more mid-tempo than slow numbers, she said, and of the slow numbers Melawan Kesepian (composed by Pongky Barata who also wrote her hit Seindah Biasa from her 10th album, Prasasti Seni) is one of her favourites.

The album features compositions from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Siti included works by Azlan Abu Hassan (Biarkan and Sekian lama) and Sharon Paul (Hati, the theme song for Shuhami Baba’s latest film, 1957:Hati Malaya, and Cintamu).

For the first time, a composition by Singapore songwriter Dick Lee is on Siti’s album. The song, Mulanya Cinta was performed by Siti in the recently-concluded P. Ramlee, The Musical.

Then there is Ku Mahu, the theme song for drama series Spa Q composed by Audi Mok with lyrics by Rina Khan.

Siti said that if Anuar Zain has a song called Lelaki Ini, she has one called Wanita (Muhammad Fahmi Rizal/Shanty Ramadani) while Tanpa Kalian (Taufik/Siti Nurhaliza and Taufik) best describes her relationships with close friends like fans and the media.

The other two are Kerana Dirimu (Cynthia Lamusu) and Sutramaya (Aubrey Suwito/Tinta S), a song which she recorded last.

Although it was a bit of a rush, Siti managed to get it all done by the release date, three days before she left for Mecca.

“It was planned that way. I wanted this album out before I leave so that I can fully concentrate on my pilgrimage,” said the singer.

Siti also launched her latest business venture, SN Mobile Digital, through which fans can download her songs by mobile phone (just type SN and send the text message to 33777).

Since her marriage to Datuk Seri Khalid Mohamad Jiwa, local media have been vying for a scoop on her expected pregnancy.

She said she was not concerned about having put on a few pounds. “I’d rather be healthy. Since I’m trying to get pregnant, I don’t think going on a crash diet is a good idea. Yes, my husband has noticed that I’ve grown in size but he’s never asked me to shed any. In fact, he’s been very supportive of what I do,” she said.

Siti said she had cut back on 70 per cent of her singing activities and found it harder to not only stay slim, but to sing as well.

“There were a few songs which took me longer to record. The thing is, when I was still single, I used to sing almost every night, which was good practice. But now I don’t perform that much and the lack of practice has made it difficult to sing perfectly.

“When you don’t sing as often, you tend to get pitchy here and there and breathing correctly is a factor.

“However, my producer Aubrey Suwito never pressured me and told me to go home and come back when I was ready because he knew that I could sing better,” said Siti.

Siti is scheduled to be in Mecca for two weeks with Khalid, mother Siti Salmah Bachik, brother Saiful Bahri and others in an entourage comprising slightly more than 20 people.

When asked what she would pray for in Mecca, Siti flashed another smile and replied playfully in a child-like manner, “Adalah!

“Well, of course I would ask God the best for my family and me, and for a child. Khalid will be extremely happy if we have a girl, since he already has four boys,” said Siti matter-of-factly.

She also admits to being slightly pressured for not having conceived, but said: “All I can say is, belum ada rezeki (it’s not meant to be yet).”


source: the new straits times

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HADIAH DARIPADA HATI adalah sesuatu yang diberi. Ialahir daripada keikhlasan diri, alunan melodi, bunyi, komposisi dantulisan puitis berseni. Sesuatu yang terhasil daripada pancaindera yangpaling sunyi iaitu hati. Hati mampu berbicara, membisik kata,mententeramkan jiwa, menerbitkan arus rasa dan mengalirkan beribu-ribumakna.Ada gabungan komposer lama dan baru, komposer dalam dan luar negara.Ada pelbagai rentak lagu, ada kelainan yang diperbuat daripada nyanyiandan komposisi dan maksud lirik yang pelbagai. Semoga anda bersediamenerima kehadiran “Hadiah Daripada Hati”‘ dengan hati yang lapang.

Siti clearly stated that one should get prepared for this new album, because it’s going to be a whole new dimension! honestly, i can say that the album is a concert-able album and very ost-ness. who knew that siti can delivered this whole album with just matured yet fresh voice. she once again do it her way, not following the mainstream. when we wanted a traditional album, she goes with pop album, and apparently it’s worth recording the pop album! it’s a whole new siti, a whole new definition for us, the fans.

Ku Mahu (Audi Mok / Rina Khan) - 4.6/5
When i first listened to this song(leaked by audi himself), i don’t really like the “heyy” part, because it’s so dina’s cinta datang lagi. too cheap compared to siti’s level. but the music is undeniably great, thank god siti released this song way earlier than the launch, because i need time to get it clicked. siti is such a provisionnaire! she thinks ahead.

Melawan Kesepian (Pongky Barata) - 4.7/5
this is one of the songs that i like, so soothing and relaxing. the lyric is quite strong though, and once again, siti proves to us that she really mastered the ‘penghayatan’ part. i mean how on earth can she channeling from one mood to another? how did she do that? she’s so good!

Mulanya Cinta (Dick Lee / Adlin Aman Ramly) - 4.7/5
first performed at the P.Ramlee the musical, this song got a good review from the audience, and when i listened, it really is a great song! First time working with dick lee, she delivers the song quite impressively. The music arrangement is so good i imagined being in the Istana Budaya!

Tanpa Kalian (Taufik / Taufik / Dato Siti Nurhaliza) - 4.8/5
Who on earth is taufik? is he new in the industry? he really got talent! we love the music, and we extremely satisfied with siti’s latest lyric! how honest is her lyric? now this is the hadiah daripada hati siti! we were touched by the lyric and her voice aswell. thank you siti, we will always be with you.

Biarkan (Azlan Abu Hassan / Azalea) - 4.9/5 [lyric A+]
Great great song! I dont understand why some people stated that it’s so cliché of siti recording this song. true, the intro is quite similar to siti’s previous di bawah pohon asmara, but admit it, this is way better, improved musically and vocally. now the lyric is quite a puzzle, when i first listened to the lyric, it’s so dedicated to the hideously anti-siti. just look at the lyric itself,

citarasaku bukanlah menggunung
tak pernah mengganggu kamu

bahgia aku kemudi selalu

biarku menuju jalan tak berliku

biarkan cemburu berkubur
asalkan tak cemari hidupku
biarkan ku senyum selalu
tandanya ku tiada seteru
hari2 berlalu tidak menunggu
sia2 umur mu termalu terpaku

diriku bukan milikmu
kau biarkan lah aku

listening to this song really made my day, i was smilling all the way back to my house. ha ha ha! in your face anti! we love this song!

Kerana Dirimu (Cynthia Lamusu) - 3/5
i dont really like this song, it’s so not my type. don’t get me wrong, i love slow track, but this song just dont click with me. plus the lyric is not so top. i just can see the song being played during my drive in the rain.

Hati (Sharon Paul / Shuhaimi Baba) - 4.5/5
Hati is so ost! enough said.

Wanita (Muhamad Fahmi / Shanty Ramadani / Dato Siti Nurhaliza) - 5/5
Is this the sequel for siti’s Lelaki? oh god no. before the album was launched, i thought also that it surely is the sequel, but then this song is about a woman’s right to fall in love with the one she choose. I think the song should entitled ‘Apakah salahku’. hehehe. Wanita is a great song, great music, bravo muhamad fahmi! we love the way siti change the tone in ‘aku wanitaaa aku kaum hawa’! the lyric is magnificent! the chorus is just beyond. this should be the next single. it’s a catchy song.

Cintamu (Sharon Paul / Fedtri Yahya) - 4.7/5
I got confused this song with kerana dirimu. because there’s a cintamu part in kerana dirimu’s lyric. we love the ‘bercahaya hidupku’. it’s just beautifully made! Listen to this song on your way back from work/school, you will understand what i mean. this song can make it to the random drama theme song!

Sutramaya (Aubrey Suwito / Tinta S) - 4.65/5
I’m sorry Aubrey, but the music is just too loud! i cant even concentrate on siti’s mouthing lyric! god he should level down the guitar tone! in fact, try to listen to the music alone(without the voice), we just dont get the flow! siti’s voice is the only melody in this song.

Sekian Lama (Azlan Abu Hassan / Azalea) - 4/5
another kerana dirimu type of song. don’t like it. well maybe i’ll like it in the future, who knows rite?

Predicted single.
1st. Ku Mahu
2nd. Wanita (i dont know if melawan kesepian is officially the 2nd single)
3rd. Tanpa Kalian
4th. Biarkan
5th. Cintamu

Conclusion: Siti improved banyak dari segi penghayatan lirik. mungkin kerana ini yang dipanggil hadiah daripada hati. vocal tak perlu cerita, sbb she always up to her standard. i mean how many artist could record a song in 20 minutes, breaking beyong the studio-quality song? not many. she is one of them. B.R.A.V.O!

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What do Malaysians think about Malaysia? What are the experiences that shape our feelings for the country? Over the next few weeks, we will hear from different Malaysians as they share with us their thoughts and ideas about Malaysia in this series called Voices. Not coincidentally, this is also the theme for the NST’s year-end pullout. ABDUL RAZAK AHMAD gets the ball rolling by talking to Datuk Tony Fernandes who is doing everything he can to sell Brand Malaysia to Malaysians and the rest of the world.

Q: What has the year been like?

A: It’s been a phenomenal year. Our profits have been great, we won airline of the year (Airline Of The Year 2007 award by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation), the first time a Malaysian company has done that, beating Emirates, Singapore Airlines and others. I suppose getting the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur routes represents a feather in our cap. We also launched AirAsia X, and it’s great to be in partnership with (Sir) Richard Branson, who is an icon himself.

One accomplishment I’m really proud of is that wherever I go we’re always referred to as Malaysia AirAsia, or Malaysia’s AirAsia. If I walk around in KL people know me but in London, very few do. But that number is growing, and that shows that our brand is becoming more significant.

Q: What are the major lessons?

A: Maybe, patience. It has its virtue sometimes, but we are a company in a rush. Malaysia Airlines is celebrating its 60th year, and we are only celebrating our sixth year, but we’re still proud to see what we’ve been able to achieve. It shows what Malaysia and Malaysians can do if we put our minds to it.

Q: What were the low points? And how did you overcome them?

A: I’m disappointed that another uneven surface has been opened, that Firefly can operate from Subang and we can’t. I pray for the day that we can have a level playing field with Malaysia Airlines. I feel that we could do many more things together, and I feel that as Malaysian companies, competition is good and we should compete, and the real competition is out there. And we should do more together.

Q: You often lament about an uneven playing field between your private company and the government-linked MAS. Is this a problem in general for other private companies in the country?

A: Sometimes the problem of a private company versus a GLC is we just don’t get the airtime the GLC gets with the political leadership. There’s no one to blame for this. I have confidence in the government but it is frustrating. I think we could be twice the size we are now.

Q: You have travelled widely, lived and worked abroad, yet you chose to come back to Malaysia. Why?

A: I came back, and I’m a big advocate (of returning). When I went to a UKEC (United Kingdom and Eire Council for Malaysian Students) programme and gave speeches at universities in England, I advocated that people should come home.

One, it’s home. I don’t care what anyone says. There is only one home. Anywhere else is adopted. And no one can take that from me. I have a blue IC and a red passport. And I’m proud of it, even though I can live anywhere in the world, and most places would welcome me.

Two, I’m very nationalistic. From a young age, my mother used to be so pro-Singapore Airlines and anti-MAS, and now, funny how life has changed - I always argue with her about MAS being the best. In the last Olympics I watched every single Malaysian perform. If I support the All Blacks in rugby, or the West Indies or India in cricket, it’s not my country.

Third, I was born here; I received a good education because my parents did well in Malaysia, and so I felt it was my responsibility to come back. It’s not perfect, Malaysia. But where is perfect?

I’m the sort of person who doesn’t believe in just sitting back and complaining. Come back and make a difference. Now especially, more and more have this perception that, oh, there must be someone behind Tony Fernandes. I’ve heard so many different names. The most famous being Ananda Krishnan, Tan Sri Azman Hashim, (Tan Sri) Vincent Tan, (Datuk) Mokhzani Mahathir, Khairy Jamaluddin, I mean you name it. But we are the best advertisement that anything is possible in Malaysia.

Q: Was there any point in the early years when you returned that you felt you should have stayed away?

A: No, never. I’ve always loved this place and our people. We’re unique. James Ingram (American soul musician) — I brought him down when I was in Warner Music — once said to me the American government should visit here. Because he couldn’t get over how all the races here get together, the intermarriage, the people going out together. Yeah, we have our racial problems, but we generally get on with each other.

I know I’ve persuaded many people to come back. I know that I have been involved in bringing many who migrated abroad to come back. And I don’t think for one minute they have regretted it.

Q: Who are your Malaysian heroes, the people who inspire you?

A: There are so many. I always talk about “Mr IOI” (Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng, founder of the IOI Group). I love his story of how he started, selling ice cream on a bicycle, and now he’s owner of one of the biggest oleo-chemical companies. And you know what I love about him? I went to one of his estates, and I noticed his passion. He’s obviously now a very, very rich guy, but he still enjoys going out there and showing me seeds. I mean, to me, a seed is just a seed, but his passion! So that guy really stands out for me.

Tan Sri Naza (Tan Sri S.M. Nasimuddin S.M. Amin, Naza Group chairman and chief executive officer) is another guy I really like. He never ages and is always pushing to be the best, and Tan Sri G. Gnanalingam (Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd chairman), too. He started in one industry, got a chance in another. All of them seized their chances.

And look at what Nazir Razak (Datuk Mohamed Nazir Razak, group chief executive, CIMB) has done. Yeah, he was born with a silver spoon. He’s my friend. He wasn’t my friend three years ago — I thought he was arrogant. I didn’t give CIMB our IPO. But I’m proud of what he’s done and to be associated with him now. He’s gone out there and put CIMB on the map of banking in the world. He goes out there and he brands. I mean, come on, CIMB is now a household name.

Q: What’s the common trait of the people who inspire you?

A: Most of them managed to come up from nowhere and just do something. They are people whom, given a chance, will do much more, and who succeed despite adversity. I love it, I love seeing it.

Q: Every now and then, something happens that unites all Malaysians and there is an overwhelming “proud to be Malaysian feeling”. Recent examples are usually sports-related, like when Nicol David became the World No 1 in women’s squash. Do you think we as Malaysians have lost that feeling?

A: Do I think Malaysians feel this less? No, but I think Malaysians need icons. When Zainal Abidin and Sheila Majid gained success as music artistes, and even Siti Nurhaliza, they’re about the only artistes able to ignite that Malaysian pride. You’ll see all the races supporting them, able to transcend their differences.

So we do want a Malaysian “brand”. I’m proud of being part of it. We don’t sell it enough — this Bangsa Malaysia we talk about. I hope for the next generation, well, it’s my dream anyway, that we don’t put ourselves down as Chinese, Indian, Malay, but as Malaysian. And I hope there’s a Barisan Nasional that I can join. I think our “brand” is our biggest selling point, because there’s no country in Asia quite like us.

Q: How do you think we can get the youth of Malaysia to be proud of our country?

A: What I tell them is, one, I say, look at AirAsia. We were just three guys from the music industry with not a lot of money, no experience, no political connections — zero. Datuk Pahamin Rajab was the only guy with connections, and with due respect to him, he’s not the person with the strongest political connections around, though he is respected.

But we’ve been able to build an airline and compete with Malaysia Airlines and have slowly been able to close the uneven playing field. No one has an answer to explain that away! So who says you can’t do anything?

Where else in Asean can this (AirAsia) happen? In the aviation industry, nowhere. Singapore hasn’t managed to do it. And in Singapore it’s a function of the government. Tiger Air is owned by Temasek and Singapore Airlines.

So no one can give me an answer and say Malaysia is not fair. No one can say that no one gets equal opportunities. I did. I am living proof that we can. That’s what I tell the students, like those in the UK. I said you live in a wonderful country, don’t believe what you hear, it’s up to you, because Malaysians are their own worst enemy.

But I don’t think anyone in any country would have been able to achieve what we have, and it’s because of our government, and it’s because of the fairly level playing field. Of course, I want it completely level, who wouldn’t? But in six years, we’ve achieved a lot, and we owe a lot of it to the government.

Q: What’s your wish for 2008 — for AirAsia, and also your hopes as a Malaysian?

A: I hope the country can spur more private investors. I hope there can be more encouragement given, and that it’s not rhetoric. I hope more investment can be put in education, much more emphasis on education.

You asked is it just sports that bring us together. No. It can be music, movies, and companies. When we have something to be proud about, that brings us together. So what’s lacking in education? More emphasis on sports and the arts.

From the sports field, you get your first eradication of colour. No one can say “pass the ball to him — he’s an Indian winger, or a Chinese or Malay”. It’s from there you first learn teamwork and working together.

Now, we’re just memorising 15,000 books to get 15As. How sad it is to see a girl committing suicide because she didn’t get it. Education is not about getting 15As, which I didn’t come close to getting.

Education is also about sports, interaction, about learning how to work as a team, about leadership. And we do not put enough emphasis on sports.

You can put all the money into FAM, but where did the Soh Chin Auns and Arumugams and all those guys come from? Schools, and playing football in the padang. Where are the padang nowadays?

Two, is art, drama and music. That’s where you gain a sharing of culture and breaking down the invisible barriers.

Q: Do you face problems getting people with the right qualities when you recruit?

A: Yeah, I do. We’re not getting enough people who can think out of the box. Because you don’t have creativity in schools anymore. Like in art and drama, which is where you learn to express yourself. So, getting enough creative thinkers is a problem.

Q: On occasion though we do see bits and pieces of a Malaysia united and able to transcend ethnic barriers.

A: It’s coming, it was there, we lost it, and now I think the government’s aim is to promote it. I don’t believe that anyone is marginalised. I believe that ultimately we marginalise ourselves.

Malaysians are their own worst enemies. They just sit there and say, “No, it can’t be done,” even before they try. My philosophy is, try and, if you fail, try again. Because I don’t want to reach 55 and say “I should have done this”. But my dream for the future is my belief — I really believe in Malaysia as a Malaysian.

Take the AirAsia Academy. It’s a microcosm of what I’d like to see in Malaysian schools. I don’t think any pilot training academy is like ours. We have lots of social functions, we get the crew and pilots and engineers to do concert productions, we involve ourselves in sports.

Why do I do that? Because I have a bigger problem than just Malaysia. I have Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. And they all have different cultures and they all want to do their own thing.

I bring them all to the academy, I don’t care if you’re from Cambodia or whatever, you train in one place. It’s in that one place that we mould one culture.

Q: Would you please share with us what you think is a quintessential Malaysian experience?

A: Two things come to mind. One is food. If you want to see one thing that unifies our country it’s food. Whether it’s a mamak stall or Malay stall, everyone knows everything about all our good food regardless of race.

The other quintessential experience I find peculiar to our country is how we criticise our sportsmen.

Whether you’re Indian, Chinese, Malay, Punjabi, when you sit in the audience at Bukit Jalil and our team is playing badly, the insults are all the same!

That’s the other thing I love about Malaysia. We always know how to do it better!

But anyone can try to argue with me about Malaysia not being a great place and I’d tear them apart. I really would, because I believe in Malaysia.


source: the new straits times

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We at received loads of msgs concerning the release of Siti’s Hadiah Daripada Hati. Ramai yang mengeluh tak jumpa album tersebut di kedai-kedai. Hari ni merupakan 11 disember dan masih tiada album. We will contact SRC for further info.

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11-12-2007 01:15:18 PM
Oleh SITI AZIRA ABD AZIZBERGELAR anak seni selama lebih dari 10 tahun, populariti Datin Sri Siti Nurhaliza tetap ‘maintain’ seperti dulu.

Walaupun telah banyak menempuhi onak dan duri penyanyi kelahiran Kuala Lipis, Pahang ini sentiasa tabah, cekal dan terus berharap peminat menerima dirinya seadanya.

Siti anggun dengan fesyen lilitan selendang dikepala (Foto The Star oleh Abdul Rahman Senin)

“Setakat ini Alhamdulillah, peminat menerima Siti seadanya. Sokongan daripada mereka tetap ada di mana ada peminat-peminat yang menghantar mesej melalui laman web rasmi Siti iaitu“Dari situ Siti memberi peluang kepada mereka untuk melontarkan pendapat dalam forum seperti apa yang mereka ingin dengar dan Siti akan cuba buat segera.

“Ada juga yang ingin Siti keluarkan album baru secepat mungkin. Atas permintaan mereka maka terlahirlah “Hadiah Daripada Hati” khas untuk semua peminat yang menyokong Siti dan juga kepada sesiapa yang baru ingin cuba-cuba mendengar lagu-lagu nyanyian Siti,” kata Siti dalam majlis pelancaran album solonya yang ke 12 “Hadiah Daripada Hati” di Hotel Legend semalam.

Majlis pelancaran album tersebut disempurnakan oleh Pengerusi Media Prima Berhad Dato’ Abdul Mutalib Datuk Seri Mohamed Razak.

Album yang berkonsep pop ini mengandungi 11 buah lagu pelbagai rentak sesuai dengan peminat yang datang dari pelbagai lapisan masyarakat.

Lagu-lagu tersebut termasuklah “Ku Mahu” yang merupakan lagu tema drama bersiri Spa Q dan single pertama Siti yang sedang popular di corong-corong radio tempatan sekarang, tidak ketinggalan lagu “Hati” yang lebih dikenali sebagai lagu tema filem “1957 Hati Malaya” dan dijadikan sebagai lagu bonus serta lagu “Mulanya Cinta” yang Siti nyanyikan semasa berlakon teater “Muzikal P.Ramlee”.

Pelancaran album “Hadiah Daripada Hati” Siti

Lagu lain yang turut tidak kurang hebatnya adalah “Melawan Kesepian”, “Tanpa Kalian”, “Biarkan”, “Kerana Dirimu”, “Wanita”, “Cintamu”, “Sutramaya” dan “Sekian Lama”.

Masih kekal dengan komposer dan penulis lirik yang pernah bekerjasama sebelum ini, Siti tidak terkecuali untuk menerima lagu dari mereka yang baru pertama kali menyumbang karya.

“Gabungan lama dan baru ini dilihat sebagai satu kerjasama yang baik memandangkan peminat muzik ada citarasa berbeza-beza.

“Siti masih kekalkan kerjasama dengan komposer Malaysia dan Indonesia malah Dick Lee, komposer hebat dari Singapura ada menyumbangkan lagu dalam album.

“Siti pernah jumpa Dick Lee semasa konsert di Shanghai dahulu tapi ini adalah pertama kali Siti dapat membawakan lagu Dick Lee semasa berlakon teater “Muzikal P.Ramlee” iaitu “Mulanya Cinta” manakala liriknya oleh Adlin Aman Ramli,” ujar Siti yang turut menerima lirik daripada pelakon, produser filem dan penyampai televisyen.

Siti dikurniakan Anugerah 40 Platinum bagi kejayaan album Royal Albert Hall London dan Transkripsi

Antaranya adalah pelakon Rina Khan yang menulis lirik lagu “Ku Mahu”, produser filem Shuhaimi Baba melalui lagu “Hati” dan penyampai TV3 Fedtri Yahya yang Siti katakan bukan sahaja pandai menghasilkan lirik lagu Irama Malaysia malah boleh membuat lirik yang cantik dalam lagu “Cintamu” dan sekaligus terpilih sebagai lagu tema antara Siti dan suaminya, Dato’ Sri Khalid Mohd Jiwa.

Album “Hadiah Daripada Hati” ini diterbitkan oleh Siti Nurhaliza Productions Sdn. Bhd. (SNP) dan diedarkan oleh Suria Records Sdn. Bhd.

Majlis yang turut melancarkan kod ringkas 33777 itu dihadiri oleh suami Siti, abangnya yang juga Penerbit Eksekutif SNP Saiful Bahri Tarudin (Ayie), kakak iparnya Zaiton Mohd Jiwa dan Rozi Abdul Razak yang juga Penyelaras Produksi Album, Pengurus Promosi SRC Rizweinta Irman Ridzwan komposer, penulis lirik dan penerbit album yang disiapkan selepas setahun setengah lalu.

Mereka adalah Rina Khan, Shuhaimi Baba, komposer Sharon Paul, Aubrey Suwito, Azlan Abu Hassan dan penerbit album Greg Anderson.

Antara tenaga produksi album ke 12 Siti

Penyempurnaan pelancaran kod ringkas itu dilakukan oleh Siti dan Ayie.

Kod ringkas 33777 membolehkan peminat Siti memuat turun banyak bahan menarik menerusi Syarikat SN Mobile Digital Sdn. Bhd. yang beroperasi sejak setahun lalu.

Antara bahan yang boleh dimuat turun dengan menaip ‘SN’ dan hantar sms ke 33777 adalah lagu, nada dering, gambar berwarna, muzik video, aktiviti, madah, rahsia dan diari Siti serta interaktif menerusi sms.

Menurut Siti, antara rahsia yang dikongsi bersama peminat adalah beliau tidak pernah naik LRT.

Dalam majlis tersebut, Siti turut dikurniakan Anugerah 40 Platinum atas kejayaan album “Konsert Royal Albert Hall London” dan “Transkripsi”.

Siti bakal berangkat ke Mekah pada 13 Disember ini bagi menunaikan haji bersama suami dan keluarganya

Siti yang tampil dengan fesyen memakai selendang lace yang dililit di kepala, begitu anggun dalam pakaian rekaan Riezman Ruzaini.

“Siti mementingkan kelainan dalam berfesyen. Sebenarnya idea pakai selendang ni baru muncul tadi semasa Siti membelek sebuah majalah dan rasa sesuai juga bergaya seperti ini,” ulas Siti yang memilih warna hitam dan emas dalam konsep album terbaru ini.

Kata Siti, konsep album ini bermaksud merenung jauh ke depan dan pemilihan warna tersebut dilakukan kerana Siti belum pernah menjadikan warna gelap dalam album sebelum ini dan hitam itu menawan manakala wajah Siti lebih serius berbanding dulu yang kelihatan riang.

Siti turut mengumumkan pemergiannya ke Mekah untuk menunaikan haji bermula 13 Disember ini selama dua minggu bersama empat orang muhrimnya iaitu keluarga dan suaminya dan mengikuti pakej Tabung Haji bersama lebih 20 orang bakal haji lain.

“Siti ingin memohon maaf kalau ada terkasar bahasa dan minta semua orang doakan keselamatan kami di sana,” akhiri Siti yang mengatakan beliau kelihatan seksi kerana badannya yang sedang ‘naik’.

Siti berkata beliau tidak memikirkan untuk terlalu berdiet tetapi biarlah badannya sentiasa sihat.

Dapatkan album “Hadiah Daripada Hati” yang berada dipasaran mulai semalam, 10 Disember 2007.

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Siti Nurhaliza graces the latest edition of Media Hiburan magz.

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Senin, 03/12/2007 12:00 WIB

Jakarta, Penyanyi Siti Nurhaliza akan naik haji Desember 2007 ini. Siti yang belum juga dikaruniai momongan setelah setahun menikah akan berdoa minta hamil.

“Siti akan berdoa di sana, mudah-mudahan bisa dikasih reseki sama Allah secepatnya,” tutur bintang iklan shampo itu, saat ditemui di Blitz Megaplex, Minggu (2/12/2007) malam.

Siti menampik kalau ia tak kunjung hamil karena dilarang pihak produsen shampo yang mengontraknya. Ia tak kunjung berbadan dua karena mungkin memang belum diberi kesempatan oleh Allah SWT.

Sejak menikah, pelantun Cindai itu mengaku lebih mengutamakan suami dan keluarga. Namun jangan diartikan itu karena suami Siti, Datuk K, melarang penyanyi Negeri Jiran itu untuk bekerja.

“Alhamdulillah kerja Siti nggak dihalang-halangi suami, kecuali Siti harus ikut majelis suami, Siti harus korbankan segalanya,” ujarnya.(eny/eny)

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