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Joe Lee

THIRTEEN is never a lucky number. Taking that into consideration perhaps, the 22nd Anugerah Juara Lagu showdown will have 14 songs, instead of 13 as originally scheduled, in contention following the surprise inclusion of an extra song in the Pop Rock category This brings the number of qualifiers from the Pop Rock category for the January finals to six.

In the twist, similar to that adopted by reality television programmes, organisers TV3 made the announcement of the additional composition to the AJL finals line-up after announcing the first five songs that made the list last night.

The six songs that qualified from the Pop Rock semi-final were Farhana (Bumi Kenyalang) composed by Denai, with lyrics by Andy Rahman and performed by Jinbara, Janjiku (Taja & Tass/ Sofaz), Sembunyi (Aidit Alfian/ Loloq/Misha Omar & Andy Flop Poppy), Itu Kamu (Estranged, Richard Lawrence Gimbang/ Estranged), Angan Dan Sedar (M. Nasir/Loloq/Mawi) and Destinasi Cinta (Lin Li Zhen/PSNN/Datuk Siti Nurhaliza).

TV3 Entertainment, Sports and Recreation senior manager Azhar Borhan, who was a member of the jury, said it was a unanimous decision at the 11th hour to have six instead of five compositions, due to the strength of the contenders in category.

“The admitted strength of the compositions in the category made us feel it was only right to include another song from the category in the final, especially since the genre had the most entries from the start.

“Secondly, we wanted to make the show more lively with the insertion of more tunes, as Pop Rock offers the most diverse sounds.”

Shrugging off speculation that TV3 was trying to cash in on the popularity of the tunes rather than focus on the quality of compositions, which is the objective of the song competition, Azhar said it was merely speculation.

“Going back to the roots of the Muzik Muzik series, it was always a chart show about popular songs. And the culmination in the Anugerah Juara Lagu is simply the best of those songs.

“All these songs have commercial appeal and are acknowledged as popular, so perhaps there is truth in that, though not as accusatory as it sounds,” he laughed.

On the supposed strategy of TV3 in making sure that compositions involving big names were in for the text message vote factor in determining Best Performance at the AJL, Azhar denied that the station had such ulterior motives.

“We never think of the profits. Before this, the choice was given to those in the auditorium to determine the winners of the Best Performance award.

“Later, we decided that we needed a balance, so the opportunity was given to those at home, who may have a different perception of the performances, and that was the real objective.

“We will not increase the significance of the public vote for the award, and it will remain 50-50 between professional jury decision and home audiences’ votes,” said Azhar, adding that the ‘perfect’ coincidental lineup of star performers was just for that and not an attempt to boost the ratings of the programme.

“Every year, we challenge ourselves and this year, we have to outdo ourselves again to give the best to the viewers.”

Singers of the compositions promised a star-studded finale at the Putra Stadium on Jan 27.

For pop phenomenon Mawi, often the butt of jokes for being an SMS champion and winner of numerous popularity public poll awards, it is an honour to perform in the finals.

“Angan Dan Sedar is a good song and since the competition is about the quality of compositions, as a singer, I will perform to the best of my ability and hopefully do justice to the tune.”

Pop queen Siti Nurhaliza echoed the sentiment, saying it was recognition enough to be in the semi-finals, let alone the finals.

“I did my best and I will try to do better in the finals. I’ve been in all three categories for the AJL, so it doesn’t matter which category I’m performing in.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity and am also glad I only have to focus on one song,” laughed Siti, whose other song — Bisakah — failed to make the finals in the Ballads category.

For Misha Omar and Andy of rock group Flop Poppy who will perform Sembunyi in the finals, they are hoping for composer Aidit Alfi an to repeat the magic of his earlier composition Keliru, which was named Pop Rock category and overall champion in AJL 2003.

“When we thought it was only five songs getting in, we were getting butterflies with every song announced. It’s my first time through to the finals in this category and I’m excited,” said Misha.

Andy said: “I usually perform alone or with my band, so a duet is going to be something different. I’m enjoying myself and am glad the song got in.” Former underground act Estranged frontman Richael Gimbang was enthusiastic about his compostion making the AJL finals.

“It’s a great honour to be in. I’ve watched it (AJL) as a kid and I can’t believe I am actually in it, with my own composition.”

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The Shoemaker
An interview with Lewré chief designer and ceo, Lewré Lew

Who are your celebrity clients?
Aside from Siti Nurhaliza [she will wear Lew’s designs on her wedding day], I’ve made shoes for Erra Fazira, Sheila Majid and Dayang Nurfaizah. Members of the Brunei royal household have also requested for my shoes.

So, share with us a bit of goss about your celebrity client, Siti Nurhaliza.

Well, Siti wanted a 3½ inch heel on her shoes for her wedding. I persuaded her to try on a 4-inch heel, because I want her to stand tall and confident! She did, and she absolutely loved it – it simply enhanced the silhouette of her body. After all, it’s part of my job to make sure she looks good. And the shoes I’m making for her are comfortable enough for her to feel good in, even during a long day like her wedding.

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Siti keen to have children


KUALA LUMPUR: Pop queen Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, who is often asked if she is pregnant, is seeing specialists.
Almost a year after her extravagant wedding to businessman Datuk KhalidMuahamad Jiwa, Siti said she is seeking expert advice and “leaving therest to fate”.

“It used to be a burden to keep hearing the same question, but I suppose I’m getting used to it,” she said.
“All I can say is I am seeing specialists to get advice and therest, we’ll have to leave it to God.” Siti said she can’t wait to haveher own children.
“Some people wait three or four years, some even six or seven years.I hope I don’t have to wait that long.” On her marriage to Khalid, shesaid it has been good.
“My life is calmer now. Our journey together has only been foralmost a year, and we’re learning many things about each other witheach passing day. Things like mutual respect and understanding arevital and so far, so good.” Siti said marriage has taught her toappreciate and manage time.
“My life is a lot more meaningful now.” On where they would becelebrating their fi rst anniversary, Siti let out a laugh and shruggedher shoulders.
“I don’t know if there are any plans, but whatever it is, let it bea surprise.” Rumour has it that the couple will be taking some precioustime off their busy schedules for a romantic getaway planned by Khalidto Bali.
Coincidentally, Siti’s calendar for August is less packed than the other months.
“So far I have only one show, and that’s only because of anendorsement. I’ll leave the plans to Datuk K,” she said with a grin.
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