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Calmille to what’s-his-name : U’re lame!

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

perez, stop trying too hard, we had enough of u (duhh). ur hair is all wrong, the bag does NOT match ur shirt, and the shirt is fugly, oh i forgot, the shirt tells it all right? and do i need to talk about ur belly? wake up and smell the coffee!

annoying carie & mr big

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

it’s 4.41am, and i just finished my third season of satc, and it came across on my mind about the on-and-off couple, mr big and carie. now, this is definately the most hideous and idiot couple on earth. from the first season, i kinda like carie character, sweet, fashionable, and happy-go lucky kinda gal, but when mr big pops up into her life, everything goes wrong. read my lips, everything.

and the deal is, this so-called carie is so dumb, obsessing over mr big and she just doesn’t get it, does she? once u broke with someone, get over it, no need to try to patch things up, it will never work, u’ll just end up crying and hurt yourself. and im kinda annoying bila mr big sweet talks to carie, and she felt for it. it’s just so annoying!

carie had once the perfect guy for her, very cute, adorable, and he’s so into carie, but she ruins it all by cheating him over mr big. she just so stupid, how stupid can a carie be? ask miranda, i totally agree with her.

i like samantha, i want to be a samantha. she’s just so lucky and very outspoken and happy the way she is. she never bothers her life with silly problems and i just love her character! oh samantha, be my mentor!

pengajaran: when ur meltdown knocks in, get help.

Hamster : Run!

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

dia tak boring ke asyik lari je?

Calmille to kimie : Loving it!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

ok im totally hooked over the latest summer crush drama, coffee prince, thanx to my BFF kimie. yes, he introduced me to this drama, and i was like “what the hell, lets give it a try!” and voila, im hooked. totally. thanx bitch.

on the 2nd episode, there’s something about wedding, all white kinda event. so i was wondering, is there a reception but not in white, like in a purple one? not that light purple u see across the padle-pop icecreams, but dark purple, more like royal purple. yes, thats the word, royal purple. loving it! i wanna get married in royal purple!

Datuk K is on the move!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

it’s official, the item will continue on pursuing the defamer(s). yes, at last i get to know who’s the culprit behind all this. but datuk k has stated that if the accused is someone ‘kurang waras/terencat akal/kanak-kanak’, they will not sue him/her. now that’s interesting right? i say, kurang waras/terencat akal, maybe should not be sued, but when it comes to kanak-kanak, i think at least he/she should be punished. how come kanak2 zaman sekarang mampu buat perkara mcm ni? ibu bapa diorg tak ajar ke? if the accused is kanak2, i think the least punishment is to state his/her name big and clear in the media. talk about trauma treatment!

further info: Kakak Tua , Farihad Shalla Mahmud, Nor Akmar Samudin