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we embrace KYLIE

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

i was supposed to meet kylie on the night the X launched, but i didnt go, all because those perverted whores at virgin paris, banyak sgt smpi tak sanggup nak beratur panjang. so the next day after class, i hurried to virgin to get the first copy on the day it was launched! and o em gee! we LOVE it! like go away britney, kylie’s in town! i can totally imagine all her songs(in X) during the concert! it’s concertable! we love the speakerphone, sensitized, wow, no more rain, ripping up the disco, we REALLY love it! u should buy the record ASAP. oh and i bought her 2008 calendar. tak de kerja la kan beli bende gedik tu, usung sana sini bende besar tuh! shameless!

her 2008 X tour is set to debut at paris bercy and im sure the tickets will sold out in a matter of time(to be exact approx 2 hours or less dah habis dah), but wait, it’s not open yet, the ticket site will open tomorrow, so im hoping tonight at 12.01am, i can get a ticket or two. i have to have one, it’s so wrong not to have it. i should die if i didnt get it.

Hadiah Daripada Hati

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

as u can see, her upcoming album cover is using a black theme(similar to this blog), and her album section at sitizone is using a purple theme(similar to my main site). that’s why we LOVE siti.

pape la, tu pon jadi la, koser nak mengendeng2 kat siti. perasan je haku nehhh!

confession of a broken heart

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

its almost a year now since hitz1. i know i should get over it, but i cant. i still cannot accept the fact that siti let another singer to perform bisakah at hitz1. i still cannot accept that she made the announcement AFTER the performance. yet again, i should get over it.

now, bisakah once again failed. but only this time, siti performed it. yes, she graced the event, i know. but what went wrong? bisakah is just as good as the others(or not, the best), why on earth that bisakah didnt make it? blah blah blah, the reason is endless.

next week, destinasi cinta should be on its way to compete the other 9 songs, and truly, i dont put any hope on this one. u wanna sing it live or not, up to u, u wanna let other sing it for u, up to u, u wanna back off, up to u. hell i dont care.

come to think about it, i guess the hitz1 incident really slapped my face hard, it really left me a doubt. i dont think i can recover from that.

i guess i am a drama queen.

Guess it!

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Siti’s most untalked secret project is now on it’s way to the media surface! Guess what’s her role in this project at and win a special treat from sitit. Guess it and her project may not be a secret anymore. bye bye rahsia!

Camelia Malik : Politically Incorrect!

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Apparently, Siti Nurhaliza is an iconic public figure, even in political scene! yes, the latest fall out between Malaysia and Indonesia has reach out to Indonesia’s celebrity Camelia Malik to ask the Indonesian Gov to stop trading for Malaysian artist in general, and to stop Siti Nurhaliza’s activity in Indonesia particularly.

“Semua kegiatan yang terkait dengan Malaysia harus kita hentikan, termasuk konser Siti Nurhaliza. Itu bentuk nyata protes kita atas Malaysia yang menolak minta maaf,” tegasnya.

This is preposterous!! how come Siti Nurhaliza get into this? Siti is not a politic figure for God’s sake! I think Camelia Malik is a attention-seeker! What’s wrong with her? Tak fikir betul2 ke before issue out that statement?! It’s good enough that Malaysia supports Indonesian artists, and we both (Malaysia and Indonesia) should keep this relation as it is!

Sehubungan itu, Musa mengarahkan empat anggota polis yang dipercayai terbabit dalam kes berkenaan digantung tugas sementara siasatan dijalankan.

Look, Malaysia ada undang2 tersendiri, those four policemen sudah pon diambil tindakan, there’s no need to bash out others! tak perlu ambil kesempatan ini untuk menjatuhkan orang lain.

Camelia patut tahu bezakan antara politik dan seni.