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Siti on Grammy Red Carpet

Monday, January 29th, 2007

our Queen has been invited to ‘work it‘ on the Grammy red carpet this 11 February! yes darlings, its a great deal!! u know, walking on the red carpet is just too chic to be true, but this time, the Queen herself will make it happen! Dressed in Bernard, who knows she might gonna shake the LA photogs! and this is huge chicklets! we wish u good luck n happy fabulous red carpet!

we will keep this matter updated!


Monday, January 29th, 2007

ramai tanya aku, kenape pakai shades malam2? hmmm..mcm mane nak xplain ek, ni bukan soal matahari ke ape ke, it’s just that aku lebih selesa pkai shades, x kesah la siang ke malam, kalau siang tu aku pkai sbb mata aku sensitip, asal ada cahaya matahari + angin tiup, mesti bergenang je mata aku, so dgn memakai cermin mata hitam, aku mampu menahan angin. gituh

saje tulis mende ngarut ni sbb da lama x update.

fashion marathon!

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

yes chicklets, our true passion is here atlast!! from 22 to 25 january, we’ll be teased by a string of fashion shows here in paris! though we cannot attend them, but we do follow these shows, thanks to fashion tv of coz!! on monday, we saw the gorgeous ellie saab’s collection, hyperclassy valentino’s, and yesterday was smarty christophe josse n the very haute couture of georges chakra’s!! omg, i cant believe it, infact i love chakra’s more than valentino’s!! i mean, we’ve heard that if u wanna go to a socialite event, break into valentino’s wardrobe, but after watching chakra’s collection, we say, chakra’s is simply the true fashion guru!! i’ll cut my nails for chakra’s dress!

we haven’t seen dior’s yet, have to tune in ftv for more, but frankly, this is gorgeous people! yes, we did record the shows just in case if we’re boring for some delicious action! oh n btw, when is the project runway 4?? we’ve been waiting for like ages already! bring us some classyness!

fashion fashion fashion. where are the dramas?!

stage - etape 1

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

i just had my first entretien this morning. yes, in my whole life, i’ve never, ever, had an entretien. silly right, but wth. memule tu teramat la takut, 1st of all, tempat tu dah la jauh, kene tukar bus banyak plak tuh. n tempat tu teramat la tersorok! (sebelah landasan keretapi ok!) but everythin went well, uncle yg handle aku tu pon sympa, aku rasa die hire aku sbb die pon minat kumpul syiling! muahahahaha. and guess what, kerja bermula pada pukul 7.45am. wtf?! how am i suppose to get up that early?! using my georges chakra perhaps?! ridiculous!!

later in the evening, i jumpe responsable yg uruskan psl stage, n tetibe terasa nak tukar syarikat plak, i mean, why go so far away when u have yg dekat punye kan? tgk la mcm mana nnt.

pssttt..i hate to work for someone yg MALAS nak kerja.


Saturday, January 20th, 2007

ketika minggu peperiksaan.(formal!) 

saje tepek gamba ni since aku nak kemaskan laptop aku kan.