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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

oh yes! im free uolz! im soooooo happy! i just finished my soutenance, and to be honest, it went well! i cant believe it, like usual, i present the soutenance in a very modest n simple kind of way, the teachers look like so bored with it, so i dont aspect anything actually. and na-ah sista, the like it.

well maybe the reason behind it is that i wore the l’homme perfume by ysl, secondly, i use my black boots, and thirdly, well maybe i use the very calmille way, which means, after finish my presentation, i let the teachers speak, let them say whats on their mind, and i smile back, make a face like u loved it, be humble and be like “oh im just a student, i need advice”.

oh im so done with this thing! it took me like forever to prepare the presentation. heck.

oh n btw, im free!


Thursday, June 7th, 2007

ok, tomorrow is the day. hari terakhir bekerja sebagai pembantu technicien maintenance (en programmation). its been 10 weeks and to be honest, masa cpt berlalu!

so, my boss told me en partant td, katanya selalu kalau stagiaire abis stage, diorg buat minum2, so awak? gituh soalan beliau. terkaput2 aku menjawab nye(haha). but since muslim x bleh beli wine or arak(its their culture kot kasi wine as a gift), so aku pon bertindak la spt typical msian, membeli pen sebagai hadiah. ha ha ha

hey, this is bukan sebarang pen ok! sebiji pen berharga 27 euros n 37 euros! damnit! mahal nak mamfussss! berjenama waterman, yg tak pernah haku dengar, whatever it is, yg penting aku dah beli hadiah, esok aku buat dekkk je la, koser nak minum2 or celebrate2. merasalah!
but before buying those pens, i went to fnac, kengkunun nye nak beli la camera baru kan, so once there, haku terkebil2 tgk cameras, they all sooo good! byk sgt pilihan, but the thing is, i dont know the quality of the pic taken by them!! i dont wanna waste my money to buy something inutile(mcm camera aku dulu). so right now im reviewing all the cameras, and hopefully boleh beli either esok or sabtu, or next week.

ixus 70

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Ok i donno why, today is like a mix of happy n happy! christy is having his vacances(i guess), so im all alone by myself, and apparently, my boss is set to give me a bunch of bucks! yes bitches, haku dpt gaji! sgt la happy(bole la aku ganti camera aku yg kuno tuh)

im thinking about ixus 70, adie82 from cari confirm that its a quite good camera, but the thing is, its super cher! 269euros!!

haku x nak la korbankan gaji pertama sebanyak ittewwww, nak beli camera around 200 je.


hectic week

Monday, May 21st, 2007

omg omg omg. this week is gonna be a hectic one!

- esok, start isi borang inscription, snap 4 photos id, do all photocopies
- rabu, pegi iut amek avis cikgu, post borang secepat mungkin

- khamis, start buat rapport de stage(shit)

- jumaat, rdv with societe boudoux to buy verin pneumatique.

- sabtu, sambung rapport de stage

- ahad, sambung rapport de stage.

oh i hope i’ll stick to this agenda. delete all fashion agendas for the moment.


Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

It’s official, my tasks for programmation for 4 machines(sietam, darragon, scemi and process 54) is done. it’s a wrap, like Siti said. and we’re moving onto a new task, scemi, the very scemi but had to buang centre processing and ganti by a new carte relais.

anyhow christy used my laptop to watch something, and guess what, die tgk polterga! yes sheilas, dia buang huruf y (die igt aku x kenal citer tu kot?) hohoho so funny!

and im in love with mika!