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justify yourself, siti!

Friday, April 27th, 2007

frankly aku cukup kecewa siti tak perform hari ni, lagu tu dari last year lagi org dok harap siti perform, last minute die tarik diri, dah la tu, tak bgtau awal2 plak tu, official announcement pon tak de, atleast buat la statement kat sitizone tu, ni tak. i hope this thing will never happen in future, sekali lagi, aku kecewa!

i hope siti as a professional artist, would come forward to justify your action, we need to know the reason why you dont give an offical statement. come clean.

i hope tonight’s event akan beri pengajaran kat siti, people do so much for her, the very least she can do is to give an official statement. next time i hope she’ll be more sensitive.

yes i know, personal life belongs to her, but her career life belongs to us!! we’re the one that kept supporting her all these years, she could give us back by giving us the damn statement! its outrageous! kesian peminat siti yg sanggup turun padang smpi dewan sokong siti, kesian peminat siti yg give out voting for her, and i can feel their sentiments!!


Siti Nurhaliza - Calmille’s Icon?

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Calmille invited me to give a speech on fashion, and since he’s a big fan of Siti Nurhaliza, i’m giving him an honor to talk about siti. here we go:
Siti Nurhaliza is certainly the perfect person to describe a fashion evolution, starting from her early years as a kampung girl, dont really know how to put on an ensemble, to a matured-wise-fashion icon. Her style evolution becomes slightly obvious after marrying a certain Datuk K, and she’s apparently hiring a stylist who turns the filthy pages. Avant, she would never put a dress like this, thanks to her marriage with DK, she looks all gorgeous in this red-hot-clean-cutting dress! Now here’s the fashion face-off

Image Hosted by

she still got it!

now that she’s brave enough to put that hot dress(which i love!), she should spend her money on her looks(not her visage), but her appearance! i say, why dont siti come to paris again? i would be crazy to be her shopping partner!btw, who’s the designer? is it Anne Avantie?

IB concert / working

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

foto oleh UTUSAN

our Queen’s much talked concert at IB is a wrap y’all! +ve feedbacks and apparently, a VCD/DVD is on it’s way! yeay! sah sah suruh mama post secepat mungkin.
 tukar topik
working is really, really, really tiring. i cant believe how on earth do people keep on working day and night, isn’t that a crazy thing to do? i mean, seriously though, wake up early in the morning, back at home late evening, how many hours do we have to comfort ourself? i think i prefer studying better than working. oh god i really need some sleep..

calmille @ planet hollywood

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

calmille and his private designer will join a social event at planet hollywood next week! yes bitches, we’ll rock the planet and we’ll stroll along paris street all day long. can’t wait to enjoy the sun’s retour!


Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

oh god, malam ni ade result presidentielle 2007! surely malam ni havoc gile kat luar nnt. koser laaaa! merasalah aku mencaci stesen tv!

aku vote utk le pen! (muahahahah)