justify yourself, siti!

frankly aku cukup kecewa siti tak perform hari ni, lagu tu dari last year lagi org dok harap siti perform, last minute die tarik diri, dah la tu, tak bgtau awal2 plak tu, official announcement pon tak de, atleast buat la statement kat sitizone tu, ni tak. i hope this thing will never happen in future, sekali lagi, aku kecewa!

i hope siti as a professional artist, would come forward to justify your action, we need to know the reason why you dont give an offical statement. come clean.

i hope tonight’s event akan beri pengajaran kat siti, people do so much for her, the very least she can do is to give an official statement. next time i hope she’ll be more sensitive.

yes i know, personal life belongs to her, but her career life belongs to us!! we’re the one that kept supporting her all these years, she could give us back by giving us the damn statement! its outrageous! kesian peminat siti yg sanggup turun padang smpi dewan sokong siti, kesian peminat siti yg give out voting for her, and i can feel their sentiments!!


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