Siti Nurhaliza - Calmille’s Icon?

Calmille invited me to give a speech on fashion, and since he’s a big fan of Siti Nurhaliza, i’m giving him an honor to talk about siti. here we go:
Siti Nurhaliza is certainly the perfect person to describe a fashion evolution, starting from her early years as a kampung girl, dont really know how to put on an ensemble, to a matured-wise-fashion icon. Her style evolution becomes slightly obvious after marrying a certain Datuk K, and she’s apparently hiring a stylist who turns the filthy pages. Avant, she would never put a dress like this, thanks to her marriage with DK, she looks all gorgeous in this red-hot-clean-cutting dress! Now here’s the fashion face-off

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she still got it!

now that she’s brave enough to put that hot dress(which i love!), she should spend her money on her looks(not her visage), but her appearance! i say, why dont siti come to paris again? i would be crazy to be her shopping partner!btw, who’s the designer? is it Anne Avantie?

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