confession of a broken heart

its almost a year now since hitz1. i know i should get over it, but i cant. i still cannot accept the fact that siti let another singer to perform bisakah at hitz1. i still cannot accept that she made the announcement AFTER the performance. yet again, i should get over it.

now, bisakah once again failed. but only this time, siti performed it. yes, she graced the event, i know. but what went wrong? bisakah is just as good as the others(or not, the best), why on earth that bisakah didnt make it? blah blah blah, the reason is endless.

next week, destinasi cinta should be on its way to compete the other 9 songs, and truly, i dont put any hope on this one. u wanna sing it live or not, up to u, u wanna let other sing it for u, up to u, u wanna back off, up to u. hell i dont care.

come to think about it, i guess the hitz1 incident really slapped my face hard, it really left me a doubt. i dont think i can recover from that.

i guess i am a drama queen.

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