oh yes! im free uolz! im soooooo happy! i just finished my soutenance, and to be honest, it went well! i cant believe it, like usual, i present the soutenance in a very modest n simple kind of way, the teachers look like so bored with it, so i dont aspect anything actually. and na-ah sista, the like it.

well maybe the reason behind it is that i wore the l’homme perfume by ysl, secondly, i use my black boots, and thirdly, well maybe i use the very calmille way, which means, after finish my presentation, i let the teachers speak, let them say whats on their mind, and i smile back, make a face like u loved it, be humble and be like “oh im just a student, i need advice”.

oh im so done with this thing! it took me like forever to prepare the presentation. heck.

oh n btw, im free!

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