we embrace KYLIE

December 4th, 2007

i was supposed to meet kylie on the night the X launched, but i didnt go, all because those perverted whores at virgin paris, banyak sgt smpi tak sanggup nak beratur panjang. so the next day after class, i hurried to virgin to get the first copy on the day it was launched! and o em gee! we LOVE it! like go away britney, kylie’s in town! i can totally imagine all her songs(in X) during the concert! it’s concertable! we love the speakerphone, sensitized, wow, no more rain, ripping up the disco, we REALLY love it! u should buy the record ASAP. oh and i bought her 2008 calendar. tak de kerja la kan beli bende gedik tu, usung sana sini bende besar tuh! shameless!

her 2008 X tour is set to debut at paris bercy and im sure the tickets will sold out in a matter of time(to be exact approx 2 hours or less dah habis dah), but wait, it’s not open yet, the ticket site will open tomorrow, so im hoping tonight at 12.01am, i can get a ticket or two. i have to have one, it’s so wrong not to have it. i should die if i didnt get it.

Hadiah Daripada Hati

December 3rd, 2007

as u can see, her upcoming album cover is using a black theme(similar to this blog), and her album section at sitizone is using a purple theme(similar to my main site). that’s why we LOVE siti.

pape la, tu pon jadi la, koser nak mengendeng2 kat siti. perasan je haku nehhh!

i deserved a rehab…and a rocket launcher

December 1st, 2007

if u’re having a mariah carey breakdown, go to the rehab ASAP” yes im having a breakdown, too much to handle. firstly, i hate malaysian. like for real. ive been nice to them(actually i didnt do anything, neither nice nor bad things to them), and im neutral towards them. but when i ask a lil help, none of them come up and help me. like this one person, ive known him since 4 years ago, now im asking a favor, shushhhhhh nada, not a single reply from him. and this another one, willing to help me, but suddenly being more diva than jlo! demanding this and that. like i really care about those demands. ok i admit im a bit desperate, and thank God, now i know who my friends are. things like this that make u discover parts of them u didnt know.

like i said earlier, ive been nothing but neutral to them, so why not being bad? get this, being good means nothing to them, so being bad is nothing to them aswell rite? ok ill start the rumor about them(hell im really gooood at this), creating a confusing fact about it, making people mad about it, making them killing each other. oh the revenge!

god i need a rehab.


November 24th, 2007

Hadiah Daripada Hati bakal muncul dalam beberapa minggu lagi, pembikinan sudah mencecah tahap 80%. Oleh itu, harus rakyat sekalian bersiap sedia menerima kehadirannya. Mari kita list kan persediaan yang patut.

  • Sediakan duit(matila tak tau harga CD kat msia!) - CHECKED
  • buang CD2 artis msia yang lain - BIG CHECKED
  • sediakan ruang khas di Itunes dan iPod memasing - what? CHECKED lah.
  • beratur depan speedy or kedai2 yang berlesen - tak CHECKED, mama yg beli nnt.
  • telefon POLIS jika jumpa CD rompak sana sini - CHECKED. torrent malaya, siap la ko!
  • dapatkan beauty sleep 24 jam sebelum pelancaran - harus CHECKED!
  • mintak DJ club di paris putarkan lagu siti - CHECKED
  • rampas CD yang siti kasi kat Hui Yi - tak sampai hati. message deleted.

ok im ready for Hadiah Daripada Hati

Rendez-vous with KYLIE

November 23rd, 2007


Kylie will be making an exclusive in-store appearance at the Virgin Megastore in Paris on Sunday night (25th November) to greet fans and sign copies of ‘X’!

Kylie will be at the store from midnight to sign CDs for the first 150 people that come and buy the album. So get yourself over to Virgin Megastore, 52-60 Avenue des Champs-Elysees, 75 008 Paris to secure your place in the queue!

Stay tuned for more appearances as we get them!

YES! Im actually gonna meet her! well, she’s set to make an appearance at midnight, but since she’s a KYLIE, im gonna queue up at least at 5pm!