i deserved a rehab…and a rocket launcher

if u’re having a mariah carey breakdown, go to the rehab ASAP” yes im having a breakdown, too much to handle. firstly, i hate malaysian. like for real. ive been nice to them(actually i didnt do anything, neither nice nor bad things to them), and im neutral towards them. but when i ask a lil help, none of them come up and help me. like this one person, ive known him since 4 years ago, now im asking a favor, shushhhhhh nada, not a single reply from him. and this another one, willing to help me, but suddenly being more diva than jlo! demanding this and that. like i really care about those demands. ok i admit im a bit desperate, and thank God, now i know who my friends are. things like this that make u discover parts of them u didnt know.

like i said earlier, ive been nothing but neutral to them, so why not being bad? get this, being good means nothing to them, so being bad is nothing to them aswell rite? ok ill start the rumor about them(hell im really gooood at this), creating a confusing fact about it, making people mad about it, making them killing each other. oh the revenge!

god i need a rehab.

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