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Siti Nurhaliza!

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Puan Siti Nurhaliza Bt Tarudin, meh sini haku nak tanya. where on earth is your new album?! im waiting like a thousand year nak tunggu album baru keluar. are you serious on making one or not? Bila you nak masuk studio utk recording? i tak nak u record last minute, nnt kelam kabut. u better masuk studio skarang jua!! u dah get ready utk print inlay belum? dah sign contract? cepat la record n launch!! oh and please put at least 13 songs ye. i want the album to be entitled SENI NUSANTARA. i give u masa smpi hujung tahun ni. u MUST launch within the time given. note that!

and where is your promise on Istana Cinta DVD? im still waiting. tick tock!


Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

ok this is so annoying. i got the wrong date. ok listen. pagi2 aku bangun pukul 4am just to make the quiz, which went well. then main quiz smpi pukul 8 lebih, tak tidur tau.

so sleep at 8am. bangun pukul 1pm. bangun2 je dah kelam kabut. sbb igtkan hari ni besday ash. so kene rush la nak sesiap, take the train @ 5pm.

5pm took the train, smpi kol 6.20pm. sampai2 je dpt msg from my friend, bukan hari ni, besday ash esok! omg. seriously, it was my fault though, maybe sbb lalok sgt smpi kelam kabut naik train. gituh.

so alang2 da sampai tu, igtkan nak shopping la kan, beli tiket metro, tup tup salah beli tiket!! aku beli tiket metro utk weekend punya! panttttt!!! merasalah aku merapu kat gare tu sorg2! so beli tiket biasa, heading for marc jacobs.

smpi2 kat marc jacobs, abang pintu tu kata “non non c ferme” pantttttt kali kedua!!! penat tau jalan semata2 nak shopping, tup tup tutup. its like when u wanna eat maggi, there’s no hot water. isnt that annoying?

ok thats it, im totally out. geram sgt smpi terus nak balik. so i did. beli tiket, naik train ke rumah. and apparently org sebelah aku ni busuk giler! bau ayam ok! ok klau ayam KFC, still ok lagi kan, ala2 aku boleh jilat die tu, tp ni tak. bau ayam mentah yg busuk 4 hari!! die nye busuk tu, once bontot die sentuh kerusi sebelah aku, terus aku bersin berkali2. loya nak mampus!!! its so gross that i nearly sms kak bedah. im serious.

ok now, esok baru lah tarikh yg betul.

Samsung NV10

Friday, June 15th, 2007

yay! i just bought a new digicam! best nye! here’s the story, i went to fnac, a place where u can get almost anything(electronic stuff,dvd, books etc). so since adie82 recommend kan ixus 70, aku pon pegi la ke ixus70, so compact, smart design, its like everything that i need is there, ixus 70. so, since nak betul2 kan sure its The One, i had a look kat sekitar, mane la tau ade camera lain ker kan.

to my surprise, ada satu cam which is fabulous, less expensive than ixus, its samsung nv10. its kinda retro design with its lens like that, i mean, we all know im all about vintage. but then, ixus 70 is really smart though. well i cant make my mind(as always)

so i asked the guy yg jaga bahagian camera, tanya which one is better, ixus or nv. and die ckp nv is much better, sbb nv has been tested and its 4 etoiles!(4 stars) and nv is the best product of 2006-2007. so i just grab it. “take that one please! quick! theres a couple wanted to buy the same one. Grab it!” nah, that was my monologue.

nv10 is 259 euros compared to ixus (269euros). but nv include 1Gb mc, cover and all, whereas ixus with that price, x de include pape pon. now that ive bought a camera that worths a fortune(my ass didnt cost that much!!), i hope it’ll last forever. i mean it.

so here comes the hasil.



shoutbox spammers!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

eeeeeeee! annoying betul la spammers nehhh! boleh tak diorg ni pegi berambus dari shoutbox aku tuh. koser tawwwww! dah la nama memasing pon mcm *tut* je, ada nama viagra sex, cheap viagra, discount viagra, generic viagra.

ok korang boleh la pilih nama lain wahai spammers sekalian, mcm kak melah ke, tanjung melur ke, senah_rock ker, name2 yg in-trend sekarang la. viagra is sooo last year. tak pon nama yg pernah hitz satu ketika dulu, mcm syiling_palsu, perverted_queer, teko_pecah, and the most famous of all, gigi_sakit. now thats a cool nicknames!

cuba ye tukar nama lepas ni.

*merasalah diorg tak faham bahasa malaysia!*


Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

oh yes! im free uolz! im soooooo happy! i just finished my soutenance, and to be honest, it went well! i cant believe it, like usual, i present the soutenance in a very modest n simple kind of way, the teachers look like so bored with it, so i dont aspect anything actually. and na-ah sista, the like it.

well maybe the reason behind it is that i wore the l’homme perfume by ysl, secondly, i use my black boots, and thirdly, well maybe i use the very calmille way, which means, after finish my presentation, i let the teachers speak, let them say whats on their mind, and i smile back, make a face like u loved it, be humble and be like “oh im just a student, i need advice”.

oh im so done with this thing! it took me like forever to prepare the presentation. heck.

oh n btw, im free!