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Breaking News!

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Calmille is the FIRST to report the video of Siti Nurhaliza @ Idola Patriotik! enjoy!

Siti Nurhaliza - Setia & Gemilang Malaysia

1957 : Hati Malaya

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

based on the article, apparently Siti has recorded a soundtrack record for the upcoming movie, 1957 : Hati Malaya. The song entitled Hati Malaya will be on market around September. Now, siti has already recorded a song for the film Kayangan, and now Hati Malaya. Two film and two soundtracks, what a year!

Personally, i think this are the signs that Siti somehow has open her heart to the film industry, and already there’s a rumor that she’ll be starring in a theater. Siti’s move in recording various songs for various movies might be a signal “green light”, but what about her infamous, most anticipating album of 2007?! no official news!

Menanti Pasti

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Kegelapan malam ini menyesakkan jiwa
tanpa bintang untuk aku mimpikan mimpimu
aku… merindu indah bulan
menyuluh kelam malam
mengharap bintang akan bersinar

kesepian hati ini mengundang derita
penantian satu seksa bila tanpa balas
aku… menanti kata hati
darimu satu pasti
mengharap mimpi akan hakiki


bisikkanlah asmaraku
padanya gelora di kalbu
hembusan nafas ini hanyalah kepadanya
mencintai setulus hati

bukakanlah asmaranya
padaku setia menunggu
antara kau dan aku ada persamaan
untuk cinta bersemi nanti

andai ada di hatimu….
ruang cinta itu
kan ku simpan anugerah
ke akhir hayatku

menanti pasti…
get the album NOW!

calmille to satc : it’s NOT a wrap up!

Thursday, July 26th, 2007
it’s 11.34pm, and i just finished all season of satc. and i truly sad. it was such a great series, and why on earth does it has to wrap up? im crazy about this series, and i love it as much as i love the qaf. both series show a LOT of moralities and teach u about life, reality, and friendship. satc is not about sex, personally, its about friendship. im not gonna lie, i think that friendship is the only relation that we need(beside family relation that is). we dont need bf/gf when u have ur BFFs. to all my BFFs, i treasure uolz, and truly i cant live without u guys. we love u bitches!

annoying carie & mr big

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

it’s 4.41am, and i just finished my third season of satc, and it came across on my mind about the on-and-off couple, mr big and carie. now, this is definately the most hideous and idiot couple on earth. from the first season, i kinda like carie character, sweet, fashionable, and happy-go lucky kinda gal, but when mr big pops up into her life, everything goes wrong. read my lips, everything.

and the deal is, this so-called carie is so dumb, obsessing over mr big and she just doesn’t get it, does she? once u broke with someone, get over it, no need to try to patch things up, it will never work, u’ll just end up crying and hurt yourself. and im kinda annoying bila mr big sweet talks to carie, and she felt for it. it’s just so annoying!

carie had once the perfect guy for her, very cute, adorable, and he’s so into carie, but she ruins it all by cheating him over mr big. she just so stupid, how stupid can a carie be? ask miranda, i totally agree with her.

i like samantha, i want to be a samantha. she’s just so lucky and very outspoken and happy the way she is. she never bothers her life with silly problems and i just love her character! oh samantha, be my mentor!

pengajaran: when ur meltdown knocks in, get help.