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calmille menggondol 4 anugerah!

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

first of all, terima kasih buat semua yg hadir di majlis ini, terima kasih buat mod mod yg begitu tabah mengharungi hari hari yg penuh dugaan, jasamu tetap dikenang, semoga terus memberi sokongan buat board ini dan sama sama menceriakan nya.

untuk peminat siti yg disayangi, we LOVE you! album traditional bakal menjengah pasaran, beli yg original ok.

untuk siti yg kat VVIP row, thanx babe, you rock!


Friday, April 20th, 2007

i cant keep my ass from giggling when i see this pic! classy!

calmille minum saliva!!!

Friday, April 20th, 2007

ewww this is freaking gross! ok tadi time nak balik from keje, singgah at this boulangerie ni, kinda sweet tepi jalan, siap ada gantung bunga matahari kat vitrine la kan, so i made my move into the boutique and bought an apple pie. makan punya makan, bila dah habis baru perasan ade mcm something liquide meleleh kat tangan!

tak kan la tu apple juice kot, sbb liquide tu berbaur saliva! gross!! who knew calmille the great and humble person(contrary je) boleh makan benda yg ada saliva dlm tuh!! eww you know how it felt drinking/eating others saliva? just watch american pie band camp, you’ll know it and you’ll regret watching that scene! so gros! im officially ban than boulangeri from my agenda!

other news, remember when we told that my friend will join forces with me? apparently, we’ll be collaborating on his new collection, the collection will be on his name of course, and we’re so exciting to see this collection around malaysia! hopefully he can post a few photos on the collection here.

calmille’s new invité

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

new updates! calmille will invite one of his friends to join forces with us, but here’s the trick, he’ll be posting at calmille’s blog once a week, and he’ll be talking about fashion only. if you remember these words..

” we’re so different, so we’re the same.”

internet upgraded

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

merasalah! akhirnye pc kat office aku dah ada internet! merasalah! selama ni aku terhangguk2 depan pc, very the ngantuk n boring sbb x de keje(i dont know what work should i do). so now that dah ada internet, im free! but cant login to mail or instant msgr! shitttt!

oh and next week, christy is off to vacances, that means i;ll be all by myself for the whole week(with a cutie next door ofcourse!)