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IB concert / working

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

foto oleh UTUSAN

our Queen’s much talked concert at IB is a wrap y’all! +ve feedbacks and apparently, a VCD/DVD is on it’s way! yeay! sah sah suruh mama post secepat mungkin.
 tukar topik
working is really, really, really tiring. i cant believe how on earth do people keep on working day and night, isn’t that a crazy thing to do? i mean, seriously though, wake up early in the morning, back at home late evening, how many hours do we have to comfort ourself? i think i prefer studying better than working. oh god i really need some sleep..

calmille minum saliva!!!

Friday, April 20th, 2007

ewww this is freaking gross! ok tadi time nak balik from keje, singgah at this boulangerie ni, kinda sweet tepi jalan, siap ada gantung bunga matahari kat vitrine la kan, so i made my move into the boutique and bought an apple pie. makan punya makan, bila dah habis baru perasan ade mcm something liquide meleleh kat tangan!

tak kan la tu apple juice kot, sbb liquide tu berbaur saliva! gross!! who knew calmille the great and humble person(contrary je) boleh makan benda yg ada saliva dlm tuh!! eww you know how it felt drinking/eating others saliva? just watch american pie band camp, you’ll know it and you’ll regret watching that scene! so gros! im officially ban than boulangeri from my agenda!

other news, remember when we told that my friend will join forces with me? apparently, we’ll be collaborating on his new collection, the collection will be on his name of course, and we’re so exciting to see this collection around malaysia! hopefully he can post a few photos on the collection here.

2eme semaine

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

oh im so happy today, dipuji oleh boss, dapat keluarkan duit, dapat beli interior decor, n  paling penting, aku dah jumpe profile frenster one of my bitch! yay!

back to stage, pagi pergi test program, completely functional! melerts! yang pasti, since prog ni dah siap, kene la buat prog lain kan? bilakah akan berakhir? task seems endless! oh and my boss mangat2 bercerita psl kumpul koleksi syiling. siap cerita la kan code2 tertera kat duit? aku harus suruh my mom post kan syiling n duit kertas msia, nak kasi kat boss(ala2 bodek) gituh. oh n christy tak de esok! aku free! tp terpaksa dtg gak. lol

5th day(sorry 4th day x tulis)

Friday, April 6th, 2007

hari ni kinda interesting sket, pagi sambung programme smlm ie pasangkan compteur utk machine ape tah, very the mengarut programme die, uhuhu, then after lunch kitorg gi test programme tu kat machine, kene la transfer programme tu kan? then something happened.

machine tu x berfungsi sbb programme aku! melerts tak? actually bukan x berfungsi, cuma x dpt nak completely transfer the prog, somethin wrong ngan cable die, i mean christy lupe nak close one of the serial, but after tutup serial tuh, everything went well though, just a few minor changes kene buat concerning the padlock for the compteur, kene tukar type die(disable input). pastu timbul plak masalah lain, the compteur cant affiche nilai die, but bila kite input from PC, boleh la plak kan? mengade tau machine ni! babap kang! so i have to recheck the prog once again, and bayangkan kalau machine tu rusak, because of my prog….classy!!
on the other hand, my tuteur mintak amek gambar for the entreprise, i dont know exactly utk ape, but die ckp just for trombi kot. anyway it sucks so bad!

then after punched card utk balik, time tgh tunggu bus, i call kak S, concerning the probleme yg aku terima baru2 ni, thank god we both were agreed that it *tut*. then jumpa satu couple ni, guy is french girl is asian, then the guy asked me, where i come from, msia la kan, then i ask the girl, dari mana, from kambodia(mati la salah eja). baik gak couple neh, berbual2 la kan dlm bus smpi ke ville?

anyway thats that. now im looking forward for this weekend, sbb hari isnin kan cuti, so i can enjoy the weekend dengan design a few baju ou more like seluar. oh ya ari ahad kol 8 pagi waktu msia, aku kene bertungkus lumus utk merekod perbualan Queen Siti di! sbb ramai yg mengharapkan kualiti kali ni, i;ll try my best bitches!!

3rd day

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

morning sambung programme carbonne, discover a few new function thanx to christhophy, hehe, and kalau la boleh ekses internet guna laptop tu, sah sah la kerja programming lebih cepat dan mudah, kan? ni terpaksa buat berdasarkan manual zaman berapa tah, very the vintage.

after lunch, kene buat programme utk machine baru, katanya ade defaut kat bahagian affichage defaut thermique. so kene la buat programme tu, tp masalahnya x de buku manual!! how on earth aku nak tau which address is which! dah la tu, schema a contact pon x de, merasa la berimaginasi sorg2 dlm office nak bayangkan machine tu kan? ewww! so gross! teringat pakcik perv.

oh ya, im making a world history everyone, dah 3 hari perut aku x berbunyi! and i take only 3 pains jer! classy kan? dgn 3 keping roti je aku mampu menahan perutku berbunyi sepanjang hampir 9 jam. melerts la perut ni. we love u perut!