2006 events

2006 was certainly the year where we call it ‘on’ and ‘off’. so many good and unfortunate events happened. lets list them all, shall we?

  • hectic time when 2 forumers created 3 haunted-threads, lantas mencetuskan perbalahan 2 negara! (sounded so serious rite?).
  • Queen’s Transkripsi launched, after just a few hours, it was already leaked on www.i-wont-mention-the-name.net. yes, we took some actions by taking this matter to another level(to SNP). it get national attention and we do appreciate it, thanx guys.
  • we received Transkripsi on the 1st day of Syawal, so we took it as a raya gift! thanx mama!!
  • trip to bangkok, with our best pal, the best vacations ever. we did feel like Queen S there!!
  • reunited with BFFs in msia for summer, we had a great time together..yet we want it to be lasted forever!!
  • we cannot attend Queen’s wedding reception, but we do watched it though, just like other 6.3 million did! :-)
  • we miss our best pal and our BFFs so much, which we do now!
  • we finally found the new side of a so-called friend, the true color that is. yucks!
  • we’ve been stalked by some perverted whore, slut-bag, road bitches. yes pauls, we hate her!
  • our fashion line unofficially launched to our closest entourage, making their first debut, yet we must complete the collection-tomorrow!
  • we expand the artworks to another level, by creating videos! groundbreaking y’all!

“We really don’t have enemies. It’s just that some of our best friends are trying to kill us.”

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