Bukit Bintang is the new Pat Pong?

akhbar utusan malaysia online reports that the famous bukit bintang is actually fame for its pat pong thing. classy.

well, we’ve been in pat pong(to buy bag of course!) and what can we tell y’all is that, the moment our smashing foot touches the land of pat pong, in an instant, we felt like Queen S!!! yes, there were literally like an army of thailandais coming towards u, asking about the s-word. well, its funny when we arrived to buy some fake louis v, they asked the s-thing. how lame is that? let us buy louis v y’all!!(which we didnt buy at all)

well, maybe bb is a little bit pat pong, but whose fault is that? we think that the gov should take enough measures to prevent this unholy fact.

peace out y’all!

further info: Utusan Malaysia

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