Siti Nurhaliza’s Best Album 2007!

Our Queen Siti Nurhaliza bagged two major awards at Anugerah Industri Muzik 14! She grabbed Best Pop Album and Best Album for her legendary album Transkripsi. Transkripsi was her first album produced by her production, it’s her fourth album to be entitled Best Album! (after adiwarna 1999, seri balas 2000, E.M.A.S 2004)

But she was defeated by Jaclyn Victor for Best Female Vocal, who breaks siti’s domination. its questionable though, because i’ve bought both albums(Transkripsi and Inilah Jac), and siti’s transkripsi leads the vocal way too far! i know this because i’ve bought all siti’s album(from siti nurhaliza to transkripsi) and inilah jac is no way near pancawarna! maybe siti yg tak nak terima award tu tahun ni kot? maybe she’s giving us the sign to slow down? whatever you do siti, bear in mind that we still need you!

lots of love, calmille

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