merasalah perdebatan!

Ok im watching le debat 2007 live at TF1, trashing away nouvelle star! its quite interesting to see two major personalities in France face head to head, debating about their programs for France if elected as the new President. Im for Sarkozy though, he knows the problems very well, he’s realistic and he knows the chiffre exact, bukan tunggu diskusi akan datang baru nak keluarkan chiffre, whereas Sego is i think avoiding answering the questions concerning the chiffre and she’s flux, sego cadangkan almost sume aspect ‘bincang bincang antara societe’ whereas sarko, sediakan peraturan/undang2 precis concerning aspect2. with sego, life seems easy, with sarko, life seems teratur, what will u choose? easy or teratur? im for teratur coz life will never be easy! NEVER! whatever u do, it’ll come back to you.

im wonder, msia ade ke debat mcm ni? presiden umno berdebat ngan presiden keadilan or pas, televised live nationwide, with egality of talking time(a seconde pres), will msia be a true democratie and politik telus?

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