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omg dah lama x update blog!! its been a hectic week, class from 8am to 8pm - everyday! huhu, yes people, it’s J-3 from siti’s big appearance at grammy red carpet, n here are the updates:

  • the dress is kebaya with a modern touch
  • designed by datuk bernard chandran
  • kebaya will be in black n white color
  • the material is from chanel fabric range
  • she will wear the most luxurious set from chopard

as a fan, we would like to give some ideas on her dress.

  • for shoes, use jimmy choo, that’s the official award shoes
  • black n white is very couture, put some accessories
  • perhaps, dont put on too much makeups, let ur hair down

sementara tu meh kita mix n match.




pilih la mana yg seswaiii, yg baju tu sah2 la siti pnah pakai kan, tapi amek konsep je ok!

pilihan aku: 2 B 7

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