oh god. today is major. like totally. ok first of all, let me set the record straight. i didnt want to go to scholl today for some reason(greve and all), but i have to, i mean there’s a test this afternoon, so i say “hey, i got my imagine-R, so why shouldnt i go?” so there i go, all alone venturing the day at 7am! we all know here in france ade greve, so there was no metro at my house! and guess when did i arrive at school? 11am. talk about suicidal!
and obviously, to make my day complete, there was no test. like i came all the way for nothing. loved it. so i went to my lawyer office, to take my new hse keys! YAY! im officially logé!


i think i’ve posted earlier about the diffs between msia n fr, and i want to rectify somethin. greve is shit. like over it. im sorry, but when it kene to ur hidung, baru rasa, but i still respect their right, it’s just that i dont know, like can u improve the service a lil bit before going on strike?

i arrived at paris at 5.30pm, and i arrived at home around 7.40pm(usually it takes me 20 minutes from chatelet-temp. house). here, lemme show somethin

[RED] from my school, and for greve reason, i had to stop at bibliotheque and took line 14(10minutes)

[GREEN] thank god line 1 ok, but ala2 salmon la kan? koser bergesel bonton ngan minah2! ewwww gross! had to stop at champs elysees(20min)
[PINK] shit, line 13 at champs elysees was not working, have to go back to concorde to take line 8, just to go to invalides!(15min)

[BLUE] double shit, line 8 wasnt working aswell,so have to go back to champs elysee to cross the pont to invalides(15min)

[BLACK] oh shit, i walked through 20plus blocks!! can u imagine? walk all the way(black line) in cold night!(20min). normally i should take the rer C at invalides, but some fugly HO blocked the entrance, i cant get through it!
[PURPLE] at last,the rer C at pont de l’alma tiba, merasalah menggelupur dalam train tuh!

Home sweet home. well, temp. home.

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