Love every second of ‘it’

Minister: I commend yo-yo-yourjournalists trying to project… to exaggerate more than what actuallyhappened. That-that-that-that’s it. We are not the-the and I-Icongratulate your journalists behaving like an actor, that-that’s it…
Reporter: As you say that, sir, we’re watching scenes of protesters being sprayed by chemical-filled water!
Minister: YA! I am watching! I’mhere! You’ve been trying… trying to do it this - to do thiseverywhere but in Malaysia people are allowed to, you know? We know ourpolice head our colleague… Police have whatever allowed theprocession to go to the Istana Negara, you know? Do police, firstpolice, like, they handle them, they attack them, they… the policedon’t, don’t, don’t fire anybody?
Reporter: Our correspondent came back to the office, sir, with chemicals in his eyes!
Minister:You-you-you-you arehere with the idea, you are trying to project, what is your mind! Youthink that we Pakistan, we are Burma, we are Myanmar. Everythingyou-you are thinking! WE ARE DIFFERENT! We are totally different!
Reporter: Well unfortunately when you refuse to let people protest, it does appear so.
Minister: Ya ya we are not likeyou! You-you have earlier perception, you come here, you want toproject us like undemocratic country. This a democratic country!
Reporter: So why can’t people protest then, if it’s a democratic country?
Minister: YES, PEOPLE PROTEST!People do-do… of course they protest. We are allowing them protest,and they have demonstrated. But we just trying to disperse them, andthen later they-they-they don’t wanna disperse, but later our policecompromise. They have compromised and allowed them to proceed to IstanaNegara! Police, our police have succeeded in handling them gently,right? Why do you report that? You take the opposition, someone fromopposition party you ask him to speak. You don’t take from thegovernment, right?
Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests…
Minister: Pardon? Pardon? Pardon?
Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?
Minister: I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!
Reporter: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?
Minister: No we-we are! We… this protest is illegal! We don’t want..this… the… NORMALLY
Reporter: OK, so let me return to my former question. Why is this protest illegal?
Minister: YA! It’s a illegalprotest because we have the erection in Malaysia. It’s no-no point onhaving a protest! We are allowing to every erection… every five yearsnever fail! We are not our like, like Myanmar, not like other country.And, and you are helping this. You Al-Jazeera also is helping this,this forces. The, you know, these forces who are not in passion, whodon’t believe in democracy!
Reporter: Alright, many thanks for joining us.
Minister:  I don’t, ya, you, Al-Jazeera, this is, is Al-Jazeera attitude. Right?


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