toute une histoire

i just watched toute une histoire at france 2 and im touched. emotionally and literally. kali ni berkisarkan OKU(orang kurang upaya), and come to think about it, i really want to learn sign language. i mean, its so hard to communicate with OKU without sign language, so maybe i’ll need this skill for my future(who knows kalau aku jadik OKU…) en plus, better sediakan payung before hujan, right?

concerning the documentary, there’re like 4 family yg berbeza situasi, mostly parents diorg yg OKU, so its up to the children to manage their life, and im touched. seriously. imagine young child at the age of 8, handle kehidupan parents diorg.. if only i were that strong..

jeezzz, emotional plak hari ni. anyway hari neh coti sampai ahad. and i can eat meggi again!


apparently siti nurhaliza has been nominated for four categories at Anugerah Industri Music (AIM 14). The nods are:

  • Best Female Vocal in an Album - Transkripsi - Siti Nurhaliza
  • Best Pop Album - Transkripsi - Siti Nurhaliza
  • Best Video Music - Bisakah
  • Best Cover Album - Transkripsi

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