today just had my eco n droit test. fucking hate ‘em!! motif belajar economie n droit?!!! tak ferlu tawwww! nyampah!!! dah la soalan mcm *tut*, pastu boleh tak sistem pemarkahan dia melerts ok! camni, die QCM and kalau salah jawab, tolak 0.5 markah, kalau tak jawab tolak 0.5 markah. mengada tau! aku melaknati segala eco n droit!

oops ter-emo plak. huhu

oh n esok its gonna be the last day at our IUT! yay! n i have thermo n english paper esok. mati la malam ni tak tidur. lepas abis buat test ni, im gonna jet-setting around paris, gonna enjoy sbb next monday, i’ll start my stage.

so long bitches!

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