omg been very very very busy this past days! i dont even have the time to join the most outspoken forum! masuk forum pon just nak tgk ape citer baru, been missing kim n siti so much! hope to hear from ‘em soon!

anyhow, hari jumaat ni dah start cuti, dua minggu yer tuan tuan dah puan puan. mmg kene enjoy bebetul cuti kali ni sbb naik cuti je ada test, pastu kene abiskan projek, pastu ade final exams(2 weeks after la rentree) n yang paling penting skali, ada stage! gosh akan jadi super busy kelak!

oh n not to forget, sabtu ni ada majlis chinese new year di tours, which i’ve been there plusieurs fois, jalan pon igt2 lupe jer, hehehe. cant wait to be there! harus jadi sociabutant!(cipta perkataan sendiri socialite + debutant = bole?) i’ll be there with my holy entourage composed by my BFFs, fashion designers, n tak sabar nak jumpa rakan2 lama, its been like years x jumpa diorg..harap2 diorg x terkejut..oh n tema majlis tersebut ialah merah, it’s like, cool. red. my ancient fav color. now purple is so in. kkkrazy!
pape pon, that’s for tomorrow(ie). toodles for now~!

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