accident yet rainbowed

ok sheilas, we’ve just phoned our folks this morning, and we have some bad news. Our sister is apparently had an accident. our mom told us that our lovely prada sis drove a new car, and she stopped at a junction, just before she could turned, somebody crashed the front thing, i donno what they call it, the bumper or something? im so lame in car thing. whatever it is, the front thing was completely broken. and guess who crashed it? a policewoman.

yes pussies, my sis had an accident with a lame policewoman. apparently she(policewoman) was driving way too fast! i should sue u girlfriend!! sehinggakan pepolis yg lain pon ckp “die(polis fomfuan) mmg selalu bawak laju, dah 3 kali dah kene accident, mati je belom”. *oops sorry, but that was they told our folks!*

well, the bad news keeps coming y’all! tempat sangkut jacket haku dah runtuh!!

maybe berat sgt kot. i’m not gonna buy a new one. penat tau heret bende tu dari conforama!

kalau kak naz terer buat kek lapis, cal terer buat kek pelangi. gituh statement. 

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