ceramah fesyen

Our Queen S’ participation at Fashion Week casts a lot of feedbacks, esp at Forum AMnet. well let us tell y’all, that dress is completely FABULEUX! radzwan radziwill has done a great job, yes, he took 1 month to finish it up. bravo radzwan!! but actually, that’s not our main reason to write this entry. we’ve just came up with an idea, to teach malaysians about fashion. yes sheilas, FASHION.

now now dont be afraid. its not a taboo to talk about (although malaysians are very sensitive over this topic). we had a very wide experience and thats why we want to help out those unstylable peeps.

first of all, clear ur mind bitches. let free ur imagination but keep it real ok? ramai org muda malaysia yg salah anggap cara berfesyen. dont ever play with colors if u r not sure to handle it correctly. plain is safe and good for a beginner.

for sheilas, we are very concerned on how msians choosing a new handbag. well, lemme tell y’all, u dont have to buy a prada or balenciaga to look that gorgeous. well chosen handbag is a very important thing to have.

this is the type of handbag that most msian sheilas feared of. dont worry, just work it out, u’ll look fine like Queen S.
for pauls, dont be silly when u buy a new shade. forget those metallic glasses, they’re LAME. yes, u heard us. we dont know why on earth they bought these(as shown below) kind of sunglasses.

why msian pauls are crazy over this? oh karl lagerfeld, help us!!

take note y’all. soon u’ll be like kate mose! or even julia roberts!

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