Brave but Blackout

i bought this album the first day it launched!! my friend and me stormed into two retailer, Virgin and Fnac to buy this much anticipated album and we were quite surprise to see that not only there was NO promotion(no big poster at all), but her album was not placed in front of other albums! whatever, we bought each other one album, and we LIKE it! like, totally. ok here’s my list :

1. piece of me(16/10)

oh my god. like oh my god. the best song ever! i’ve listened to the stream-version, and i loved it. now the album version is a killer! love the music, electronica, best lyrics, best vocal-projection(wtf?), and it has been confirmed that this is the 2nd single. i can imagine the video, like everytime + do somethin’. aku belom pindah rumah lg, but once dah pindah n settled down, harus bukak kuat2 n menari! merasalah kamel ouali!

2. radar(12/10)

i love her vocal in this song! so cute!!! i love the part “i get the tingle, i wanna mingle” and “da da da da da”. radar is supposed to be her third single, and i wanna a video like a real futuristic one!”. produced by bloodshy & avant(the one created Toxic), this is a fecking great song!!

3. hot as ice(9.8/10)

the yeah yeah song. he he he. the demo version is so much cuter than this album version.
but i love the modification though, the “break it down part”.

4. toy soldier(9/10)

the first time i listened it, i fell in love. love the “brit, i heard, i heard, what you gonna do now?” delicious!
5. gimme more(7/10)

what more to say? but kecewa jugak la sebab video is suck to death!
6. break the ice(7/10)
7. freakshow(6.9/10)
8. oh ooh baby(5/10)
9. heaven on earth(5/10)
10. perfect lover(4.5/10)
11.why should i be sad(2/10)
12.get naked (2/10)

overall (9/10) her best album yet.


yikes! another cover album looks like a fan-made! yes, i know that’s a Chapelle’s work, but come on! you can do much better than that,can;t you?!

ok enough already, lets move on to the review?

1. Brave(15/10)

i love big time the song ‘brave’!!! like honestly, it’s my personal song when im kinda down, i listen it at maximum audio, walking down the parisian streets in a dark cloudy day, that’s very brave! i love jlo, she always make a song or two about being brave and stand up for yourself, like im all over her!

2. Do It Well.(11/10)

Her first single and beautiful video has been made. what more could i say?(sebenarnye dah malas nak komen..)
3. Mile in These Shoes(10/10)

oh my god, i fecking love this song! first, it has YSL, then this is the promo song for desperate housewives, and i love the lyric!! like this one,

Even if they try
They still can’t walk a mile in these shoes
They couldn’t even lace them up right
Honey these pumps are too big to fill
Ten million men can’t walk a mile in these shoes

Honey, ten million men can’t walk in those shoes, but one man can, and you know who!

Most of the songs is like her previous album, Rebirth. She need a song like her crazy days! total points = 7/10

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