for the last entry of 2006, its an honour to offer this entry to describe my BFF who i personally think that he is the best friend you could ever have. no, seriously we met 2001 and before that year, i had a lots of BFF, silih berganti tiap tahun..so sad though, but life continues, so do i. but not this one, he’s everything, he knows my secrets more than i do. he can even read my mind! through ym!! so sempena 2007, aku nak ucapkan terima kasih dgn sebuah poem.

but you still there
still here
always will.

phone rings
flood’s outside
but you still there
still here
always will.

down is up
grass is red
blood is green
but you still there
still here
always will.

that’s fabruary song
or letter [
but you still there
still here
always will.[

life’s short
so let’s cherish it
thank you for being my BFF.

there’s so many thing that i wish i can do to repay him, but i couldnt, and im so sorry for not always being there when i’m needed. we love u bitch!!

[tukar mode]

semoga 2007 membawa seribu pengertian baru buat semua. good luck, take care n assalamualaikum.

pssttt..poem’s about friendship y’all!

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