first time posting on my life

as i said earlier, im staying in paris at my responsable’s house and i dont have a good wardrobe. i mean, i go to school in a quite the same ensemble everyday, and i had enough of it. my previous wardrobe is currently in Amiens, and i should either buy the whole new wardrobe or get some of my previous wardrobe. pretty easy choice when you dont have money to buy a new one! so im off to amiens tomorrow.

ok enough about my long-awaited-house-to-live-in, lets move on to english class shall we? ok today was the first english class and obviously i was nervous. well, its my first EC alone, im the only msian and ive heard some stuffs from my friend, and apparently the key is ‘dont be too obvious’. i tried to buy it but i failed. ha ha ha. i hate when it comes to conversation regarding the place where u stay, and i bravely say ‘i live in parissss’ unaccently, not ‘i live in parghiii’. totally the wrong move. now everyone’s repeating the parisss kinda say(like the one that nicole richie used to say to paris hilton), like ‘i love parisss’. i hate it.

so whatever, im looking forward to this meeting with TPM where i should join and meet my latest crush(ha ha ha). yes i know, its silly, but totally worth it when i (cross ur finger) snap a pic! im telling you, its hot as ice!

and im waiting for britney’s new album. duhhh?

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